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Garage Door Repair Plymouth MA

Having a slight problem with the old garage door? Not working quite as smoothly as it used to? Worried it’s going to turn into a long-term headache? Don’t lose sleep, just call us! Here at Garage Door Repair Plymouth MA we’ve been fixing garage door related problems in the Plymouth area for the last 2 decades and we’ve got a long list of satisfied customers to prove it! Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals has seen it all and fixed it all. No matter what problem you’re facing, whether it’s a worn cable or faulty opener, we’ve got you covered with the quickest, most reliable and most cost-effective solution on the market.




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The torsion spring in your garage door is an integral part of the system that allows you to raise and lower the door with minimal effort and is often called upon to bear the entire weight of the door. Due to bearing such large stresses day-in and day-out, the torsion springs are extremely susceptible to wear and tear. A worn torsion spring could render your garage door inoperative.

Our team of expert technicians has been fixing and replacing garage door springs in Plymouth for the last 2 decades and we’re here to serve you. We’re perfectly equipped to deal with the problem by either fixing the issue or replacing your spring with a top-quality, reliable product. For the best garage door spring repair in Plymouth, just call us!

The Garage door opener is a critical component of the system that raises and lowers the garage door and most modern garage doors come equipped with systems that may run off wall-mounted switches or a remote control. A faulty opener may leave you with no way to operate the door and along with limiting use of the garage present an opening for would-be intruders to breach your home. For this reason it is recommended that any problems with the openers be addressed immediately.

Our team of experts is well-equipped and well-experienced to provide you with the best garage door opener repair in Plymouth. Whatever the problem we’ve got you covered.

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